Apr 18 2018

ec² Tech Tips

Welcome to Tec²h tips It’s our goal to bring you the latest support tips, to make sure you are getting the most from your ec² Software. Do you have a topic you’d like to hear about? Let us know by replying to this email and we will make sure to include your question! Internet Access Did you know […]
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Oct 21 2016


There have been many questions such as: “Our NMIS computer has a message appear saying we have 26 days to register. Is this something that is necessary? Are we due for our annual upgrade? Do we need to renew our software? What do I need to register?  How do I register?” These are common questions […]
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Mar 03 2016

FDA goes Mobile

Last month, the FDA launched a new mobile application to provide the public with access to information about drug shortages. The app is mostly for health care professionals and pharmacists, who will be able to get real-time information about current shortages, resolved shortages, and discontinuations of drugs. Users can browse by a drug’s generic, name, […]
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