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Nuclear Pharmacy Pharmacy Management

This management software (known as BioRx or RMIS) offers a simplified solution to your nuclear pharmacy needs. The software helps to streamline business processes and enhance customer service. Customers can electronically place orders and receive dosage information, while pharmacy staff can efficiently process orders, track inventory and manage health physics. BioRx/RMIS is designed to meet a range of needs while keeping up with ever-changing state and federal regulations.

Streamlined Inventory Management

Easily Manage Your Inventory

The software allows users to view inventory items all on one screen, track expired products and other inventory details, and print labels and transfer products between locations with ease.

Real Time Dispensing

Up-To-Date Dispensing Info

BioRx/RMIS allows you to easily calculate the amounts needed to fill orders while providing the ability to monitor activity and make adjustments quickly.

Flexible Billing Options

Make the Billing Process a Breeze

Our flexible billing module allows you to create and email invoices, bill by customer or by cycle, and apply service charges or credits to accounts as-needed. Users can also export invoices to QuickBooks for effortless billing and recordkeeping.

Management Made Easy

Streamline Your Pharmacy

Manage your pharmacy with one centralized place to monitor dose calibrator constancy, linearity and accuracy, sealed source inventory, and survey meter calibrations. The software helps with barcode scanning, kit preparation, and quality control.

Online Ordering

Minimize Stress on Your Staff

Hospitals with BioDose/NMIS can place their orders online, which are sent directly to the BioRx/RMIS program at the pharmacy. You'll receive order alerts, and customers receive updates right on their scheduler.

Simplified Compliance

Easily Comply With Current Regulations

Touch screen drawing stations provide detailed reports and comply with 797 Live Dispensed Activity (LDA) regulations, and barcodes ensure precise inventory and Rx validation at all times.

Minimize Errors

Reduce the Number of Costly Errors

The software can eliminate delivery errors with GPS tracking, transcription errors with an online ordering option, and any other errors with a dose calibrator quality control system.

System Requirements
BioRx Server: Rocky Linux 8 (Operating System Installed by ec²)
RMIS Server: Windows Server 2012, 2016 SP2, 2019 or Windows 10 64 bit
BioRx/RMIS Server: Intel Xeon Series Processor
BioRx/RMIS Server: 8GB RAM
BioRx/RMIS Server: 1 TB Hot Swap Hard Drive (Qty. 2 for RAID 1)
BioRx/RMIS Workstation: Windows 10 64 bit
BioRx/RMIS Workstation: Intel Core i5
BioRx/RMIS Workstation: 8GB RAM
BioRx/RMIS Workstation: 500GB Hard Drive

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Who Does BioRx/RMIS Help?

BioRx/RMIS is a revolutionary management system designed to make your pharmacy a streamlined machine. If your job is one of the following, BioRx/RMIS will definitely make your life easier:




Pharmacy Technician


Delivery Driver




Accounting & Billing

BioRx/RMIS Customers


“Thank you BioRx members! All your great planning and team work make a very real difference. The conversion to BioRx benefits all of Triad very much.”

Claudia, Triad Isotopes

"BioRx has improved our team management process."

Lowe Country Diagnostics

“It [RMIS] has eliminated 100% of omission and order entry errors while saving hours of labor every day!"

Radiology Services

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