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BioDose/NMIS Users Large Data Requirements Multiple Hospital Locations Nuclear Cardiology Nuclear Medicine PRP Users

Numa plays a vital role in thousands of molecular imaging departments world-wide. Using DICOM standards and proprietary formats, Numa's family of products offer reliable performance, backed by a top-notch professional support staff.


DICOM Radiation Dose Reports with Patient Visit Status

•Export radiation dose reports using DICOM SR and secondary capture
•DICOM Modality Worklist Interface
•Digital Interface with Dose Calibrators
•Automatically / manually update the patient's visit status
•Information is shared in real-time to all users
•Supports desktop, tablet and mobile phone users
•Complies with industry standard security and HIPAA safeguards

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Removes Security Risks Without Sacrificing Functionality

•Physically isolates legacy systems from the hospital network
•Allows DICOM file transfers, DICOM Modality Worklist, and DICOM Query and Retrieve functionality
•Works with all DICOM systems as well as NumaList, NumaStatus List and NumaLink
•Compatible with Windows® and anti-virus updates

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NumaStatus List

DICOM Modality Worklist Upgrade with Network Isolation

•Provides DICOM Modality Worklist functionality and network security for Philips®/ADAC® CardioMD®, Siemens®® and ADAC® NM cameras with Atlas® and Pegasys®
•Users select patient information from a list. No typing.
•Provides accession number and correct protocol required for PACS and HIS
•Works with NumaBridge to provide network security for supported systems

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Copy, Store, Organize and Distribute NM and PET/CT Studies

•Cost Effective, Expandable, Reliable and Secure Data Storage
•Provides local on-line storage of all NM and PET study types
•Maintains the integrity of the original images
•Automated backups means no lost data
•Fast Query and Retrieve of Previous Studies
•Supports VMware/Hyper-V host for easy IT integration

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Media Reader and Data Migration

•Migrate offline tape/MOD/CD image archives to online image management systems
•Select patient, study, series, entire media contents for migration
•Automatic forwarding of images to DICOM-compliant workstations and PACS
•Supports Nuclear Medicine, PET and other modalities
•Works with NumaLink to translate non-DICOM images to DICOM

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System Requirements
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Interface Options Available for This Product:

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Who Does Numa Help?

Our company provides innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of a nuclear medicine, nuclear cardiology, PET, and PET/CT department for image management, archiving, multi-vendor connectivity, DICOM modality worklist management, data migration and secure file transfer throughout the department, enterprise and beyond.

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