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We offer nine system interface options as additions to your ec² product. Your ec² software works amazing on its own but these options offer an even more enhanced user experience, and endless possibilities to reduce busy work and errors. This way you can spend less time worrying and more time focusing on what's important.

HL7 Interface

The HL7 interface tool allows data to be shared between any hospital or radiology information system (HIS/RIS) and our NMIS and BioDose programs. This is a great time-saving feature for the Nuclear Medicine department since all of the pertinent patient demographic data will already be pre-filled within the scheduler module of the software. Other advantages include:

  • Automatic scheduling prior to patient registration
  • Correct patient information
  • Completely eliminate transcription errors
  • Avoid redundant data entry
  • Send patient dose information back to RIS/HIS

HL7 Interface works with: BioDose/NMIS
NMIS Enterprise Edition

DICOM Interface

The Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) Interface was developed to connect the NMIS and BioDose software and Modality Worklist (referred to as MWL). When imaging devices first began storing images to PACS, patient information had to be typed by hand on the workstations. Because this frequently resulted in transcription errors such as redundant entries, the common Modality Worklist concept was born. The Modality Worklist receives and stores patient information. The DICOM Modality Worklist interface to NMIS will allow communication between any devices that store patient data on a Modality Worklist.

DICOM Interface works with: BioDose/NMIS
NMIS Enterprise Edition


DoseSecure is a NEW mobile application (iOS/Android) that integrates with NMIS and Biodose. DoseSecure allows you to confirm that the right dose is being administered to the right patient. No ePHI data is stored on your device.

Dose Calibrator Interface

The Dose Calibrator Interface will allow you to connect certain model dose calibrators to the NMIS or BioDose programs. This interface captures activity readings in the Dose Calibrator Quality Control, Draw Dose, Generator Elution, and Kit Prep modules, eliminating typing errors. The Dose Calibrator Interface will also validate that the correct isotope button is pushed. On newer model dose calibrators, it will even change the isotope button for you automatically.

Dose Calibrator Interface works with: BioDose/NMIS
NMIS Enterprise Edition

DYMO Label Printer

Our line of software utilizes Dymo label printers for anything that requires a sticker:

  • Patient dose labels
  • Patient safety cards
  • Kit labels
  • Elution labels
  • Syringe labels

DYMO Label Printer works with: BioDose/NMIS
NMIS Enterprise Edition

Wrist Band Printer

Patient safety is a huge concern to all hospitals. Our wristband printer addresses the complex issue of patient safety. Utilizing a patient wristband through our BioDose and NMIS programs will allow you to successfully identify each patient and the dose that matches that patient.

Wrist Band Printer works with: BioDose/NMIS

Common Filecard

The Common Filecard Interface combines patient records from a facility's Nuclear Medicine department in the hospital with their separate outpatient imaging facility for a complete patient exam history. No matter which department the patient has their exam in, the Common Filecard record will be complete showing a combined list of exams performed with all other patient data remaining separate. Other advantages include:

  • Combines patient records between two or more hospitals, clinics, and departments
  • All departments have visibility into the patient’s prior Nuclear Medicine exam history
  • Prevents scheduling conflicts
  • Removes uncertainty from patient history and information

Common Filecard Interface works with: BioDose/NMIS
NMIS Enterprise Edition

Treadmill Interface

We offer the Treadmill Interface to our Patient Reporting Program (PRP). You can schedule your patients in NMIS and export them to the treadmill prior to the stress test. After the stress test is complete, send the details back to PRP. The patient's evaluation record will get updated with the stress test information including the heart rate, blood pressure, speed, grade, and duration.

Treadmill Interface works with: BioDose/NMIS

Bayer Intego PET Infusion System Interface

The Bayer Intego PET Infusion System Interface eliminates duplicate data entry. Reduce time and radiation exposure, and increase dosing efficiency while maintaining your records in the NMIS and BioDose programs.

  • Schedule your patients for the day in NMIS or BioDose
  • Dose your patients for the day using the Intego device
  • Your dosing records will be completed in NMIS or BioDose from the Intego device
Your patients will be dosed, your inventory will be accounted for, and that part of your job is done.

Bayer Intego Interface works with: BioDose/NMIS
NMIS Enterprise Edition
Bayer Intego Brochure

Quick Books Interface

Our radiopharmacy programs seamlessly interface with Quick Books. BioRx and RMIS offer the ability to extract certain financial data from the software database and import it into Quick Books, making billing a breeze.

Quick Books Interface works with: BioRx/RMIS

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