In 2017 ec² Software Solutions and Numa Inc entered into an agreement to merge the two companies’ operations.  The Numa suite of products complements the existing infrastructure ec² has built for molecular imaging departments.

In 2011, two great companies (NMIS and BioDose) came together to form ec² Software Solutions. ec², meaning “educate, communicate and cooperate,” this has been our mission as we’ve served the needs of nuclear medicine, molecular imaging, nuclear pharmacy, and PET manufacturing fields for nearly 30 years.

We design, implement and support comprehensive software solutions to simplify the daily operations of your facility, including the production of radiopharmaceuticals, distribution and patient administration. With a proven record of client-driven innovation, we continue to offer industry-leading products meant to help medical providers effortlessly navigate the complexities of ever-changing regulations and facility management so they can focus on what matters most – the medicine!