BioPointe Is Best For:

Nuclear Pharmacy Radiopharmaceutical Deliveries

The perfect complement to BioRx/RMIS, BioPointe takes the worry out of delivery logistics and package management. The software operates on mobile devices with camera technology; it allows drivers to scan containers and document their vehicle loading and deliveries with a date/time stamp. The program wirelessly transmits information back to the pharmacy and records it in the database for viewing and reporting.

Eliminates Error

Never Worry About Delivery Errors

BioPointe uses barcode scanners to verify that all cases are loaded into the delivery vehicle, and delivered to the correct customer.

Portable Tracking

Access Tracking Info From Anywhere

The software transmits wirelessly to Android mobile devices using camera technology to effortlessly communicate with BioRx/RMIS pharmacy management systems.

Provides Verification

Solid Proof of Delivery

BioPointe provides easily accessible, documented proof and confirmation of loading and delivery times- so you can be 100% sure.

System Requirements
Wireless device. Please contact us for details.

Interface Options Available for This Product:

  • While there are no interface options currently available, we are always working to improve our interface design based on feedback from our current clients. Check back for updates!

Who Does BioPointe Help?


BioRx/RMIS Users


Pharmacy Technician






Delivery Driver

BioPointe Customers


“The guys at ec² knocked one out of the park with BioPointe®! I don't have to start my slow GPS program on my desktop anymore. BioPointe® is a handy, smartphone based program that helps me manage my deliveries with less worry and better efficiency in my Nuclear Pharmacy. A great perk to BioPointe® is that my customers can track their own packages too!”

Sean Somers, PCI Nuclear in Tempe, Arizona

"We had a study scheduled for our customer this morning. The 5 hour window for re-injecting the completed study was at 13:42. We received a call from them at 14:10 telling us they “just received” the delivery and wanted to know if the study was still good. We were concerned why they received the delivery late so I checked into it. By reviewing the electronic record from our BioPointe® Delivery reports, we were able to confirm that the dose was delivered timely. It was nice to have the electronic record and the timing couldn’t have been better."

Steven D. Mize, Radiology Services

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