BioDose/NMIS Is Best For:

Inventory Tracking Nuclear Medicine

This tracking software (known as BioDose or NMIS) allows departments to keep track of inventory, doses, patient information and billing. For added convenience, customers can easily place and track their orders online. Furthermore, doses can be followed from arrival through disposition, along with a complete digital history that documents every exam and dose that a patient receives.

Simplified Workflow

Daily Tasks Made Easier

Access everything from one main screen, and use convenient shortcuts for day-to-day tasks. Quickly view all patient information with customizable column sizes and order, view satellite department data and get to an auxiliary screen in just one click.

Streamlined Record Keeping

Documented and Traceable Records

The program records patient dose amounts, procedures, referring physicians and radioactive waste disposal. Reporting module conveniently automates daily reporting and monthly record keeping.

Injection Confirmation Scan

Right Patient, Right Dose, Right Rx

Injection Confirmation Scan is a NEW mobile application (iOS/Android) that integrates with NMIS and Biodose. ICS allows you to confirm that the right dose is being administered to the right patient. No ePHI data is stored on your device.

Effortless Compliance

Navigate State and Federal Regulations

The program produces seamless daily and monthly inspection reports, so inspectors can be self-sufficient when they arrive unannounced at your facility.

Easy Dose Ordering

Order and Track Doses Electronically

Order doses based on a patient's scheduled exam and send notes to the pharmacy for specific orders. An online ordering option simplifies dose ordering and tracking.

Dose Credits

Access Credits for Unused Doses

Tracking doses for specific drugs or from specific pharmacies can simplify this otherwise painful task, and get you the credits you deserve.

Inventory Management

Keep Track in Real Time

Keep track of shipping containers and sort inventory. Barcode scanning allows individual dosing information as well as all inventory information to be downloaded.

Patient Exam Info

A Comprehensive List to Prevent Conflicts

View a patient's scheduled exams and exam history to make sure there are no conflicting procedures. Quickly see the dose given for their last exam or link to the previous Draw Dose record.

Monitor Workload

Know Your Department's Productivity

Monitor productivity, justify staffing requirements, and watch for trends in after-hours patient volume. You can also track referring physicians information, and identify those with lagging referrals.

System Requirements
Server: Windows Server 2016 SP2, 2019 or Windows 10 64 bit, Windows 11 64 bit
Server: 8GB RAM
Server: 1 TB Hard Drive
Workstation: Windows 10 64 bit
Workstation: Intel Core i5
Workstation: 8GB RAM
Workstation: 500GB Hard Drive
Workstation: 2GB Flash Drive (Daily Backup)
Workstation: 32GB Flash Drive (Monthly Backup)
Workstation: Monitor: 20" Flat Panel LCD
Workstation: DVD Drive
Workstation: Mouse & Keyboard
Workstation: Printer
Internet requirements: Internet access suggested for program updates
BioDose Unitech MS100 Barcode Reader Setup Sheet: Barcode Readers Gun Style Honeywell 1300G: Barcode Reader- Gun Style User Guide: Barcode Reader- Gun Style (Li2208) Programming Sheet: BioDose/NMIS MT-605U Pen Scanner Setup Sheet- New Style: BioDose/NMIS MT-605U Pen Scanner Setup Sheet- Old Style: Barcode Reader Setup Sheet-Old Style: Honeywell Voyager Setup Sheet:

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Interface Options Available for This Product:

Does your hospital group have multiple locations and a huge data requirement?

Check out our NMIS Enterprise Edition to keep all your data on one central server.

Who Does BioDose/NMIS Help?

BioDose/NMIS is designed to meet the needs of any Nuclear Medicine Department. It's a complete solution to managing a productive, efficient, compliant and successful department. If your job is one of the following, BioDose/NMIS will definitely make your life easier:


Nuclear Medicine Technologist


IT Professional




Health Physicist

BioDose/NMIS Customers


“We just received the BioDose software and we are quite happy. It is very user friendly and easy to keep up with our information!”

Tonya Veitch, CNMT, Children's of Alabama

NMIS facilitates fast and efficient performance of all regulatory and accreditation standards."

Robert Wood Johnson UH

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