Sep 23

BioTrax QMS Installation and Integration

Positron emissions tomography’s (PET) manufacturing sites–large or small, increasingly are looking to integrate the accuracy and efficiency of a technology-based management systems to replace antiquated pen-and-paper batch-record keeping methods.

When considering a conversion, administrators are undoubtedly concerned with the degree to which the software installation and training will disrupt daily production and the time it will take to reap the full benefits of the software solution. BioTrax QMS confronts this challenge by offering progressive levels of installation and training options that sync with our user’s level of operational complexity and available resources. We offer on-site, hands-on training followed up with unlimited phone support. Our installation and training services do not stop until our Users are completely comfortable and pleased with how the software is working for them.

For a recent install, Jedd and Larry, two of our application specialists, were on‑site for four days, installing and testing the software, training six users, and troubleshooting and resolving any operational issues that surfaced.

During the first couple days, the pair spent time setting up and configuring hardware on each workstation. Both servers and workstations have specific validation processes. Depending upon how many computers a company has, this portion of the setup can take one to two days.

After setup is complete, the application specialists offer additional assistance for the quality control person—assisting them, if necessary, to input documents and procedures. The final stage of the onsite installation is the front end training of the software.

BioTrax QMS is a very user-friendly program once it’s set up, the front end user training is a straight forward process—typically only taking a couple hours for most employees, assuming a minimal knowledge of and experience operating computer applications.

Contact us to schedule a detailed presentation on all the ways you can improve the PET manufacturing operations at your facility. For more information on the functionality and benefits of integrating our software, visit our website.