NMIS/BioDose Enterprise

NMIS/BioDose Enterprise Is Best For:

Large Data Requirements Multiple Hospital Locations Nuclear Medicine

Does your hospital group have requirements for data availability that have placed a huge burden on your IT department? The Enterprise version of NMIS/BioDose has been developed to meet these demands and lessen the strain on your IT departments. It's designed for hospital groups with multiple locations that want to have their data on a central server where it can be easily managed.

Separate Databases

Independent but Connected

Each hospital within your network will have their own separate database. If a patient visits more than one facility, it's possible to share and update Filecard records no matter the site.

Central Server

All Data on One Server

Data is no longer stored on a local machine. All ePHI data will reside on your server in your data center, under the control of your database administrator.

Easily Managed

Managing Several Sites Is Simple

Only one set of the NMIS/BioDose software needs to be updated, minimizing restarts and down time. A manager or RSO overseeing the entire group can have access to all the sites from their desktop.

System Requirements
Enterprise Server: Windows Server 2012
Enterprise Server: SQL Server 2016
Enterprise Server: Intel Xeon Series Processor or Windows 10 64 Bit or above
Enterprise Server: 16GB RAM
Enterprise Server: 1 TB Hard Drive
Enterprise Workstation: Windows 10 64 bit
Enterprise Workstation: Intel Core i5
Enterprise Workstation: 8GB RAM
Enterprise Workstation: 500GB Hard Drive

Who Does NMIS/BioDose Enterprise Help?


Nuclear Medicine Technologist


IT Professional




Health Physicist

NMIS/BioDose Enterprise Customers


“NMIS facilitates fast and efficient performance of all regulatory and accreditation standards."

Robert Wood Johnson

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