Apr 11

What you need in a Comprehensive Pharmacy Software System

When updating your pharmacy’s software system, it is important to make sure that your new system is both comprehensive yet efficient to operate.  Whether your pharmacy fills 50 doses a day or 1,000, you need a software solution to help run your facility smoothly.  When looking at software vendors, you should make sure their product offers real-time dispensing, has a centralized task list, will streamline your inventory and has accurate billing.


Make sure the process and fill screens of the software program are in a centralized location.  This way everything is done at the hood including filling doses, eluting generators and mixing kits. The fill screen should also have shortcut keys to access and calculate processing or disposal. Make sure your software screens have:

  • Dispensing screen that connects directly to the dose calibrator to read exact dose drawn values
  • Pharmacist mandated controls over lab technicians
  • High speed script printing
  • Calculate amounts needed to fill specific orders
  • Print syringe and Rx labels
  • Screen filters for products, runs and customers
  • Quick access to elute generator and mix kits screen
  • On the fly inventory adjustments


The task list should keep all daily/weekly/annual tests in one central location. At a quick glance managers should be able to verify all tasks that they have been completed. It should also:

  • Contain all required pharmacy tasks
  • Dose Calibrator Constancy
  • Dose Calibrator Linearity
  • Dose Calibrator Accuracy
  • Sealed Source Inventory
  • Survey Meter Calibrations
  • Area Monitoring
  • Setup tasks to remind at desired frequency


A good software system has streamlined inventory.  It is essential to have a way to keep all products in a central area that contains every product available for sale to customers. All tasks associated with the inventory should be able to be completed through the inventory module.  You should be able to edit, print labels, and dispose at this module. A streamlined inventory management system should be able to:

  • Easily view inventory items on one screen
  • Track expired and non-expired products
  • Print labels for inventory items on receipt
  • Track all incoming wipes and surveys
  • Track PO#, Packing List# and all inventory details
  • Transfer products between pharmacy locations


Accurate billing should be robust and should offer you the ability to bill directly from the program. Your new software system should keep records of all pricing and credits given to each customer. It should also have the ability to recall any record at any time. Also, your billing module should:

  • Create invoices for all your customers
  • Keep track of all credits given to specific customers
    • Allowed credits by client/product
  • Price Schedules
    • Per Unit Dose
    • Amount by unit of measure
  • Have a scaled, table pricing structure
  • Reprint invoices at any time
  • Export invoices to Quickbooks

Purchasing a Pharmaceutical Software System is most likely a process that will take time to review with your management team.  Evaluate the software’s fit into your work environment and make sure you include an onsite presentation of the software’s features.