Apr 30

The ec² Patient Reporting Program

ec² Software Solutions has developed a Patient Reporting Program (PRP) to ease the reporting burden on outpatient nuclear cardiology practices. The current ICANL requirement is that the final nuclear cardiology report be sent to the referring physician within 24 hours of the exam completion. PRP fulfills this need by building the report as the patient moves through the exam process. Most report generation software only allows the cardiologist to select from canned words and phrases. Our goal with PRP was to make every cardiologist happy by allowing them to use the expressions that they are comfortable with.


The final nuclear cardiology report is built as the patient interacts with the various functional groups. One person will be entering the patient’s history, and medications. The EKG tech will take care of entering the stress test details. The nurse practitioner might interpret the stress test results and enter the EKG findings. The nuclear medicine technologist will enter the dosing information and any results from processing the images, such as EF%. Finally, the physician interpreting the images will enter his/her findings and summarize the test. The information provided by summarized into a final report that the nuclear cardiologist you will be proud to send out to referring physicians. The report can include the logo for your practice along with the ICANL logo if you have been approved.


Flexibility is the key to the Patient Reporting Program. ec² Software Solutions provides lists for all of the databases to get you started. You have complete freedom to change the items in any list so that you are using the words and phrases that you are comfortable with. We will work with you to create report templates that look professional and reflect well on your practice. Completed reports can be faxed or emailed to the referring physician. Reports can also be stored in your electronic medical records system.


ec² Software Solutions also offers a treadmill interface or HL7/DICOM interface as options to enhance your PRP software.

For additional information, to set up a presentation, or to receive a proposal for the ec² Software Patient Reporting Program, please visit our website at www.ec2Software.com or at 800-851-0025, ext 206.