Jul 08

Taking the Worry Out of the Install

It’s a frustrating, and all-too-common truth, that in today’s era of technological efficiency, sometimes the very thing that’s meant to make our lives easier can complicate matters to an almost laughable degree. Consider transferring data to a new phone, for instance, or updating a computer’s operating system. Not surprisingly, installing department management software is no exception.

While some systems have great functionality, they may not be as user friendly, as easy, and are not made to be streamlined into the system quickly. These systems are made to have a lot of capability, but may not always take into account the actual time an end user will put into the system.

BioDose is both department management and Isotope tracking software for nuclear medicine by ec2, taking the worry out of the install. From a user standpoint, BioDose is easy to use, intuitive, and user friendly, from installation and integration to regular use.

Clay Belk, of Norman Regional Health Systems of Norman, Oklahoma said of the installation process, “It was easy. We had three days allotted for training, and, due to the ease of installation, a fair amount that time was spent chatting, because it didn’t take them long to tell us how use the system. It was installed without any real issues, and we got the system set up the way we wanted it. We were up and running within a day and half.”

BioDose is the leading name in Isotope tracking software, and is designed to simplify scheduling, ordering, inventory, patient dosing, waste disposal, reporting, and health physics. BioDose’s system architecture uses a logical interface that allows all functions to be completed from the main screen and allows users to navigate using keys, a mouse, or a touchpad. For more information on BioDose and related products, visit us online at www.ec2software.com