Apr 24

RMIS: A Complete Solution to Managing Your RadioPharmacy

RMIS is a complete software solution that provides comprehensive management to radiopharmacies.  It streamlines business processes allowing them to keep pace with regulatory changes.  RMIS allows customers to electronically place orders and receive information about dosage.  It also allows pharmacy staff to efficiently process orders, track inventory and manage health physics.  

What does RMIS OFFER?

Inventory tracking

RMIS can

  • Eliminates costly delivery errors
  • Cases are tracked from the pharmacy to the customer location
  • Built in GPS allows you to track the locations of your fleet
  • Alert zones indicate when drivers are within their delivery areas

Dispatch Manager

  • Driver and route Management
  • Delivery priorities are easily assigned for each driver’s route
  • On-screen real-time displays confirms successful vehicle loading and customer deliveries

Order processing

Live Dispensed Activity (LDA) with Touch Screen

  • Touch screens drawing stations comply with 797 regulation
  • Accurate traceability as you fill your doses
  • Barcodes ensure precise inventory selection and Rx validation
  • Production quality control is provide by detailed LDA reports

Online Ordering (OLO) Enhancement

  • Orders can be received into RMIS from the Web

What are the BENEFITS of RMIS?

Customization is the key to our pharmacy software. We provide the flexibility to run your operation the way you want to. We have a very exciting and useful e-ordering link between our NMIS hospital software and the RMIS pharmacy software. Customers can place their orders from the NMIS scheduling program and send them to the pharmacy electronically. The pharmacy can receive and process the orders without introducing transcription errors. The doses are then sent back to the customer, electronically completing the cycle.


  • State of the art dose calibrator quality control system, featuring:
    • daily quality control,
    • reminder checks,
    • lab survey and wipe tests,
    • sealed sources inventory checks
  • Customized, color-coded and bar coded prescription labeling, with our shipping verification program
  • Real time or pre-processing of prescription
  • Online ordering (OLO) via NMIS system
  • Billing module allows users to bill by customer or by cycle
  • Preview and e-mail invoices
  • Apply service charges for delinquent accounts or credits for over payments
  • Flexible and tiered pricing plans to help manage complex billing requirements

RMIS is designed by ec² to meet the whole range of your radiopharmacy needs, enhancing your customer service, compliance, and prescription management requirements. Contact ec²  Software Solutions at www.ec2software.com or 800-851-0025, ext 206 for a demonstration of RMIS.