Mar 30

Nuclear Pharmacy Management System

BioRx is the nuclear pharmacy industry’s most technologically advanced management system. Capable of streamlining inventory receipt, processing orders, shipping and invoicing, BioRx provides a comprehensive software solution to efficiently operate your nuclear pharmacy.

PRODUCT FEATURES bio-rx_ec2software

  • Real-time dispensing documentation complete with precise filled amounts
  • Streamlined inventory management
  • Accurate billing system, capable of downloading invoices to QuickBooks
  • User-friendly interface that includes touch screens enclosed in hoods, high-speed printers and bi-directional communication with dose calibrators
  • Reporting capabilities for kit preparation, dispensing, billing, quality control, inventory and shipping
  • Integration with barcode scanners inside hoods and at shipping stations to verify correct information input
  • Web interface to enhance customer convenience with online ordering, dose status and invoice viewing


BioRx employs three diverse ways of backing up data – RAID hard drive mirroring, redundant database server and off-site backups. With these three options we are confident no facility will ever suffer a data loss.

With BioRx, you will be able to accomplish these items in user-friendly electronic format eliminating the need for endless paperwork. For additional information, setup a presentation or receive a proposal, please contact us at 1-800-851-0025, ext 206.