Apr 07

Welcome to ec² Blog

For nearly 30 years the needs of the Nuclear Medicine, Molecular Imaging, Nuclear Pharmacy and PET manufacturing fields have been at the core of our business driving us to develop new products and guiding our efforts to refine existing ones. We continue to offer industry-leading software products that help medical providers navigate the vast and complex regulations of the Nuclear Medicine industry. We design, implement and support comprehensive software solutions to simplify the daily operations of your facility, including production of radiopharmaceuticals, distribution and patient administration.

In 2011 NMIS and BioDose came together to unify their presence in the marketplace and ec² Software Solutions was born. The acronym for ec² (or ecc) is to “educate, communicate and cooperate”. This represents our company mission statement.

ec² Software Solutions is located in New Jersey and Arizona. These locations serve the national and international community of nuclear industry professionals.

Throughout the years, we have listened to our customers and developed comprehensive solutions to meet their needs. As the industry continues to evolve, our technology and software solutions will continue to exceed customer expectations.