Aug 12

Getting Started with BioPointe for Android

In a 2006 survey performed by the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists (ASHP), the primary fear of hospitalized patients was identified as being given the wrong medication. While numerous safeguards are in place to guard against this type of error being made in a nuclear pharmacy setting, nationally, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) estimates that conventional medication errors contribute to 400,000 preventable drug-related injuries and 7,000 drug-related deaths each year in United States hospitals.

Redundancy and accuracy are key factors in preventing these types of errors, and the addition of barcoding technology has greatly increased both factors. In May 2010 the New England Journal of Medicine reported that the use of bar-coded electronic medication administration records “substantially reduced the rate of errors in order transcription and in medication administration as well as potential adverse drug events.”

BioPointe is proof-of-delivery tracking for all your nuclear medicine deliveries using Android cell phones and Bluetooth barcode scanners.

BioRx tracks the real-time production of radiopharmaceuticals and the shipment details and hands off the data to BioPointe for tracking of the deliveries. BioRx will be updated with the delivery status.

Getting started with BioPointe for Android (running OS version 4.2 and greater) is simple:

  1. Open an Internet browser, and navigate to our website,
  2. Click on Support/Downloads/ Download BioPointe, then click on the BioPointe download link.
  3. When download is complete, click on the app icon to install BioPointe (this application is NOT available in the app store), which will launch BioPointe.
  4. Click on the BioPointe icon on your Android phone—the Bio- Pointe splash screen will appear (See Fig 1).
  5. The “Settings” will appear only the first time you run BioPointe (See Fig 2)
  6. Enter your Pharmacy Code in the Pharmacy Code box and select the Done option.
  7. Ensure that sound is checked.

For detailed information on setting up BioPointe to suit your pharmacy’s needs,visit our website for step-by-step instructions. As the industry continues to evolve, our technology and software solutions will continue to exceed customer expectations. For more information on the functionality and benefits of integrating our software, visit