Jun 13

Customer Spotlight – HeartLight Pharmacy

HeartLight Pharmacy is a nuclear medicine pharmacy with three locations in Ohio – Columbus, Dayton and Lima.  Their pharmacies sell a complete product line of radiopharmaceuticals that require them to have state of the art software. Nine years ago, HeartLight didn’t have pharmacy software and didn’t have an end-user software solution, like BioDose ®, to offer to their customers. They were considering developing their own software solution   but then they heard great things about BioDose. A team from HeartLight flew out to ec2 Software Solution’s Las Vegas facility for presentations and training.  They loved the software and have been using it ever since.

They now offer BioDose to do all of their customers.  Because of it’s ease of use and the online ordering feature, about 90 percent of HeartLight Pharmacy’s customers use BioDose software.   Ashley Wilkins of HeartLight has been with the company since they began offering BioDose and now does all her own installs.   She works as a liaison between her customers and the ec2 Software Solution’s support team.

Because HeartLight believes that BioDose is such a great product, their team views it as a competitive advantage. They believe that hospital healthcare systems often choose their pharmacy over their competitors because of the BioDose system. When demoing the BioDose software to the hospital technologist, HeartLight shows how easy it is to use.  The technologists really do like the software. On-site technologists are very happy with the software, especially valuing BioDose’s, ease of use. It is so much easier and faster than Syntrac.

HeartLight also uses ec² Software Solution’s BioRx® product to help manage and report on the daily activity of its three nuclear pharmacies.  Before they purchased BioRx, HeartLight was using a DOS system that relied on manual calculations.  Human error meant that mistakes were common.  They added the BioRx pharmacy system about six years ago and have been very pleased with it.  Ashley says, “It matches up really nicely with the customers and the online ordering.” Now with complete computerization, their pharmacy is able to streamline inventory receipts, process orders, ship andinvoice with ease.

HeartLight is a problem-solving pharmacy that works with physicians, technologists, and office managers to reach solutions that best serve the needs of patients and staff. With the help of ec² Software Solution’s BioRx and BioDose products, HeartLight is able to complete their mission with ease.


About BioDose

BioDose software provides nuclear medicine technologists with a fast, simple, and complete isotope tracking system.  It is simple and easy to use but has the complexity to fulfill all of your nuclear medical needs including barcoding, batch dosing, and multi-room scheduling.  To learn more about BioDose or ec² Software Solution’s software suite, please visit our website at www.ec2Software.com or call at 800-851-0025, ext 203