Apr 03

BioTrax QMS Software For Your Facility

The BioTrax QMS software facilitates regulatory compliance, increases efficiencies, improves quality and reduces operational costs.  To be able to accomplish this BioTrax QMS integrates the programs document repository, raw materials, production, equipment, training and facilities modules into a single comprehensive package.  The integration of these modules allows the production staff, quality staff and management to have ready access to all aspects of their facility as well as each manufacturing run that has occurred within their facility.

BioTrax QMS provides you with a streamlined and paperless approach to managing your facility’s inventory, manufacturing, and delivery needs.  BioTrax QMS offers complete manufacturing quality management software.  The software’s improved approach to maintaining laboratory documentation has many advantages, among them: ec2_BioTraxQMS_logo

  • Its customizable design enables the flexibility to convert all your manufacturing documentation into one format
  • The user-friendly interface provides an efficient way to manage production records.
  • The document repository system gives you control of all signed-off documents and revisions, as well as the ability to import documents as necessary with a complete audit trail of all changes.
  • Batch Record creation with audit trail capabilities
  • Document Repository for SOP’s and revisions/version control of all SOP’s, training materials and specification sheets
  • An internal material identification (MID) system to manage all raw materials
  • Inventory re-order messaging
  • Electronic worksheet guides user through preparation and quality control off all production tasks
  • In-house preparation of materials used in productions and quality control
  • Verify compliances with your SOPs
  • Generate bar codes for internal tracking (cradle to grave) while maintaining a perpetual inventory
  • Force required training for designated employees
  • List and control equipment used in production and force certification requirements
  • Generate general facility tasks keep a log of daily user activities

With BioTrax QMS, you will be able to accomplish these items in a user-friendly electronic format eliminating the need for endless paperwork.  The built in barcode technology greatly minimizes human error.

For additional information, set up a presentation or receive a proposal for the BioTrax Quality Management Systems (QMS) Software Solution, please visit our website at www.ec2Software.com or at 800-851-0025, ext 206.