Jul 11

Spotlight on: Norman Regional Health System’s Nuclear Medicine

In 2012, Norman Regional Health System’s Nuclear Medicine department had a decision to make. After years of using NIMIS at one location, and Cardinal Health SYNtrac software at two other locations, the department was changing from Cardinal Health pharmacy to that of Oklahoma University. During the transition, use of the SYNtrac software was lost, and the team needed new department management software to use.

With prior experience using NIMIS, they decided to look into BioDose, and after comparing the two systems, BioDose was the clear preference of Supervisor of Nuclear Medicine, Clay Belk.

Acting as department supervisors for two hospitals, Belk has been with Norman Regional Health System for close to seven years, after graduating from University of Oklahoma, Health Sciences Center. With training and certification in nuclear medicine and PET/CT, Belk has acted as supervisor since August 2013.

In his department, Belk has found BioDose to be a useful tool. Used to maintain all records required by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, BioDose keeps tabs on radiopharmaceuticals, radioactive packaging, and radioactive waste, as well as maintaining personal surveys to ensure staff is uncontaminated, and the system is utilized daily by system technologists.

Seeing nearly 300 patients each month, each patient is registered in the software. Belk explains,

Every study that’s ordered will pop up on a board, on our health information system, called Meditech. We have it set up to where that patient is automatically going to display, on a DICOM work list. BioDose pulls information off of the same DICOM work list. Every time we have a new order come across, the patient is automatically downloaded into the correct BioDose location.

It shows up immediately with the correct exam, the exam that we’ve associated in BioDose, with the exam that appears on the DICOM work list. Then, in the system, we manually input dosage, and assign a radioactive dose prescription, what drug we gave, how much we gave and what time we gave it. Then the treatment is considered to be complete.

Whether using it for automated daily reporting and monthly record keeping reporting, to document and trace patient records, or simply to streamline workflow, BioDose has earned its place as the leading name in Isotrope tracking software. For more information, visit www.ec2software.com.