Dec 02

Run Your Nuclear Pharmacy Your Way

When looking for software to run your nuclear pharmacy, customization is key. Every organization is different having unique concentrations for their own nuclear medicine operations and procedures. ec² Software Solutions created their RMIS to provide your team the flexibility needed to run your nuclear pharmacy operation on your terms. RMIS allows you to electronically place orders and receive information about doses. It also allows pharmacy staff to efficiently process orders and track inventory.

Order processing
Every pharmacy processes orders. RMIS allows you to customize your software with your order process. Orders can be received into RMIS online or manually. RMIS allows you to accurately trace doses as you fill them. RMIS offers a state of the art dose calibrator as part of the quality control system. It has daily quality control checks, reminder notices, lab survey and wipe tests and sealed source inventory checks. Barcoding ensures precise inventory selection and Rx validation. Your production quality is controlled through detailed live dispensed activity (LDA) reports. Our customizable billing modules allows your team to preview and e-mail invoices. You can even apply service charges for delinquent accounts or credits for over payments.

Inventory tracking
RMIS completely tracks all inventory from your pharmacy to your customer locations. With our RMIS Scan, cases and doses are scanned then tracked throughout their journey. With a built-in GPS system, the fleet can be located at any time. In addition, alert zones indicate when drivers are within their delivery areas. This allows for complete driver and route management. The RMIS Scan even has an on-screen, real-time displays that will confirm successful vehicle loading and customer deliveries. Additionally, there is a fully customizable color-coding system for bar coded prescription labeling.

RMIS is designed by ec² Software Solutions to enhance your nuclear pharmacy departmental processes. By allowing your team to customize our software modules, you can enhance your customer service, compliance, and prescription management. Contact ec² Software Solutions at or 800-851-0025, option 2.