Aug 19

Reduce Human Error and Increase Data Communication within Hospitals

It is imperative to Hospital operations that data be captured accurately and securely.  Reducing the potential for human error through the use of sophisticated software systems can save hospitals time, money and even potential legal fees. Providing an adequate software system can reduce paper filing, data redundancies, increase facility capacity, and ensure human error potential is minimized.

With a nuclear medicine software program like ec2 Software , transcription errors are reduced because the patient data is entered only once. This is a great time saving feature for the Nuclear Medicine department since all of the pertinent patient demographic data will already be pre-filled within the scheduler module of the software. In addition, records will be more accurate throughout the department since each patient entry will have correct name, birth date and medical record number. The nuclear medicine department can also send patient dose information back to the Radiology Information System or the Hospital Information System.  Everything is integrated, keeping data clean and errors to a minimum.

Many facilities have a separate outpatient imaging facility. Combining patient records between facilities could be difficult without the right medical software. ec2 Software Solutions has a Common Filecard option that will do just that. No matter which department the patient has their exam in, the Filecard record will be complete showing a combined list of exams performed. All other data remains separate. This can also work between two or more hospitals, clinics and departments. All departments and locations get visibility into the patient’s prior Nuclear Medicine exam history. This will prevent exams from being performed too soon after a previous exam in another department. ec2 Software will also notify if a patient has an exam scheduled in another department that conflicts with a procedure you are trying to schedule in your department. The Common Filecard removes that uncertainty, adds clarity and keeps communication between departments easy.

As a hospital or medical imaging facility, it is important to develop and implement effective operating strategies and have software that supports it. It is the imperative to provide departments and staff with the right tools to be successful to prevent human error and increase data communication.  If your hospital or outpatient facility has questions about data management and would like to learn more about our software, contact ec2 Software Solutions by visiting our website at or at 800-851-0025, option 2.