May 06

Nuclear Medicine (N.M.) Departments and Med Centers Looking Ahead to Enterprise Software Solutions

Many hospitals, medical centers and N.M. departments are urgently upgrading their computer operating systems in response to Microsoft’s decision to stop supporting its flagship XP operating system as of April 8, 2014. Today many of these same N.M. departments are seeking upgraded software technology in healthcare practices to improve efficiencies, and centralize the IT activities involving hospital groups with multiple locations.

One such company that N.M. departments and medical centers are turning to is ec2 Software Solutions, which delivers advanced technology products to more than 150 radiopharmacies and over 4,000 hospitals and clinics worldwide.  Users in expanding N.M. Practices who have made the decision to upgrade from XP are using this opportunity to consider their longer-term needs for electronic management solutions by exploring ec2’s enterprise software products.

For those N.M. departments still working in a paper-based environment, the company’s software can be the starting point to help facilities move to a fully-electronic document management system. With ec2’s suite of software solutions, N.M. departments and radiopharmacies can accurately manage doses, patient histories, batch records and complete regulatory compliance records. Many software options are available and are customized to meet individual needs.

ec²‘s enterprise solution combines unlimited N.M. departments into a single centralized installation. Data storage and backups are under the complete control of the data base administrator, ensuring the integrity of the patients’ ePHI data. Each department in the enterprise has unlimited user access. This affords managers and radiation safety officers the ability to review and audit the department records from the comfort of their offices. The ec² enterprise solution is built on a scalable architecture that will handle all present and future expansion needs.

As Nuclear Medicine Departments, Hospitals, and Medical Centers begin the inevitable move away from the XP operating system they would be well served to use the occasion to consider their longer term needs and the new application software products available through ec2 Software Solutions to fill those needs.