Dec 05

NMIS Version 15

By listening to our customers and implementing their suggestions we have developed a comprehensive solution for all departments. Here is an overview of our NMIS product suite including a sneak peak of version 15.


NMIS was created in 1985 as a way to manage basic record keeping for Nuclear Medicine departments. It has evolved into the industry standard for department management software by keeping pace with the changing needs of the Nuclear Medicine community.

The NMIS software solution frees you from shelves full of notebooks by replacing all of your paper records with electronic ones. Doses can be tracked from their arrival through their disposition. A history is maintained of all the exams and doses that each patient receives. NMIS also offers a complete health physics suite to ensure regulatory compliance.

Aside from eliminating paper records and managing exams and doses, NMIS has inspection reports that make compliance easy. When inspectors arrive unannounced at your facility, NMIS allows them to be self-sufficient and create any report needed for any particular time frame. Are you allowed credits for unused dose? NMIS can help by tracking the doses for specific drugs or from specific pharmacies to simplify this otherwise painful task and get you the credits you deserve. Everyone is talking about productivity. We’ll give you the statistics you need to justify your staff requirements. NMIS can also help track your referring physicians so you know who is sending you patients and who might need additional education.


• Dosage tracking from arrival through disposition
• Scheduled monthly reports with digital signatures allow you to automate reporting functions
• Unused dose reports to request credits from the pharmacy
• Online ordering to enhance customer service
• Patient statistics to document productivity and justify additional staffing
• HL7/DICOM interface options reduce transcription errors
• Complete health physics suite to aid in regulatory compliance


  • Simplified receiving screen – We’ve listened to your suggestions for simplifying the inventory portion of the receiving process. Instead of switching to a separate screen, you now stay on the main receiving screen for both entering your package details and entering the inventory. Enter your case surveys and wipes just as you always have. Once you are done with the surveys and wipes, go ahead and start bar-coding your doses right on the same screen. Each dose will show up in the list at the bottom as an individual line item making it easier to be sure everything got scanned.
  • Scheduler dosing option – Tired of seeing too many screens? The new dosing option for the scheduler screen may be just what you are looking for. To use this feature, right click on the scheduler screen and go to settings. Change the box for the daily view down at the bottom of the screen to pplit with Screen Dose. Now you will have three panels on the schedule screen. The patients are still at the top, the inventory is in the middle and the dosing section is at the bottom. Highlight the patient, select the inventory and enter the dose administered. You are done!
  • Adding new products improved – In previous versions of NMIS adding a new products like Lymphoseek, Amyvid or Xofigo meant first waiting for a new service pack to be released and then waiting some more for your IT to help install it. New for version 15, there is one file that controls the list of products and updates will be available as soon as a new drug is announced.
  • Meter probe information – You can now record the probe name and serial numbers for your survey meter and wipe counter if applicable. To add this information, go to Health Physics—>Equipment—> Instrument Setup. The information is optional so don’t worry about backfilling it for existing instruments if you are not interested in recording it.
  • Survey meter efficiency – Some states are requiring the use of a scintillation probe for measuring in-house disposal surveys because the pancake probe is not efficient enough. In this case, the units of measure will be CPM/DPM. NMIS can now handle surveys in these units.

At ec2 Software Solution, we listen to each and every customer ultimately implementing the best of our customer recommendations. We would be happy to show you a presentation of our new NMIS version 15. If your hospital or outpatient facility is interested in learning more, please contact us by visiting our website at or at 800-851-0025, option 3.