Nov 25

Flexibility with Patient Reporting

A PET (positron emission tomography) test is a powerful test that can assist in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. PET scans can detect and stage most cancers. They can also give physicians important early information about heart disease and many neurological disorders, like Alzheimer’s.

But in a hospital setting, collecting and reporting test information is done by many different individuals. Having a software program that provides flexibility for patient reporting is key.

ec² Software Solutions offers a Patient Reporting Program that provides completes freedom for the various groups involved. While a receptionist may enter the patient’s history and medications; a nuclear techologist can enter test details into the same system. A nurse practitioner might interpret the test results and enter findings. Additionally, the nuclear medicine technologist can enter the dosing information and any results from processing the images. Finally, the physician interpreting the images will enter his/her findings and summarize the test. All of this can be done in one system without duplication, minimizing errors.

ec² Software Solutions is great for all types of nuclear medicine tests. For treadmill stress tests, ec² Software Solutions developed a treadmill interface or HL7/DICOM interface as an enhancement option.

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