May 16

Explore NMIS Software for Your Department

NMIS Software was created in 1985 as in informational system for Nuclear Medicine departments.  It was first developed as a way to manage basic record keeping.  Through its 29-year history, it has evolved and expanded into one of the most robust software systems.  It is refined and tailored to meeting the changing needs of today’s Nuclear Medicine departments.

One goal of the NMIS software is to free you from shelves full of notebooks by replacing all of your paper records with electronic ones. Doses can be tracked from their arrival through their disposition. A history is maintained of all the exams and doses that each patient receives. We offer a complete health physics suite to insure regulatory compliance.  Additionally, NMIS offers online ordering, patient management, and a complete health physics suite.


NMIS allows Nuclear Medicine departments to use this information in innovative ways. Our inspection reports are designed so that the inspectors are self-sufficient when they arrive unannounced at your facility. Are you allowed credits for unused dose? We can help by tracking the doses for specific drugs or from specific pharmacies to simplify this otherwise painful task and get you the credits you deserve. Our productivity reports give you the statistics you need to justify your staff requirements to management. NMIS can also help track your referring physicians so you know who is sending you patients and who might needs some additional education.

By listening to our customers and implementing their suggestions, we have developed a comprehensive solution for all departments. From the largest medical center to the smallest imaging center, NMIS has what you need to navigate through the maze of federal and state regulations.

For additional information, setup a presentation or receive a proposal for the NMIS Software from ec² Software Solutions, please contact us at 1-800-851-0025, ext 206