Aug 05

Changing Radiopharmaceuticals in the Procedure File is Easy with ec2 Software

Nuclear medicine uses radioactive substances to image the body and treat disease. It looks at both the physiology and the anatomy of the body in establishing diagnosis and treatment. Because research is conducted throughout many organizations in efforts to prevent and treat cancer and other diseases, a hospital or outpatient facility may make a change in the radiopharmaceutical used for detection.

Ec2 Software Solutions offers NMIS/BioDose software solutions to nuclear medicine, nuclear cardiology and PET departments. Both NMIS/BioDose are isotope tracking softwares designed to simplify scheduling, ordering, inventory, patient dosing, waste disposal, reporting and health physics. NMIS/BioDose allows a department to scan individual doses from a barcode and receive it into inventory.  If a radiopharmaceutical needs to be changed, it can be removed from inventory using easy ‘drag and drop’ technology.

If your hospital or outpatient facility has questions about proper radiopharmaceutical disposal and want to learn more, contact ec2 Software Solutions at or at 800-851-0025, option 2.