Dec 17

Budgeting for the End of the Year – We Have Options

When looking to run your nuclear medicine department, you want software that will meet your team’s every need. But once you’ve made that decision, you may still need to get your purchase approved by department heads. Every organization is different, but many have capital budget requirements. Perhaps you have extra money to spend in 2014. Or perhaps you would like to have your software but do not have the capital budget to do so. ec2 Software Solutions has several budget options to meet your needs and get you the software your department needs to run efficiently.

Direct Purchase
Perhaps your organization is preparing for its 2015 capital budget. ec2 Software Solutions provide a purchase request that contains everything you require. Our sales team will work with you to decide what enterprise products fit best within your facility, including basic set up, software, hardware, label printers, connectivity to other departments, training and installation. Once your purchase request is complete, it is ready to be sent to the capital budget group for approval. Once approved, ec2 Software Solutions will work to install and train your team on your new nuclear medicine software – the product is now yours.

LTU – License to Use
The ec2 Software Solutions License to Use (LTU) option is designed for those who may not want to own their software. Simply pay an annual fee for the software you require. Usually your requirements will be under capital budget requirements and can be approved at the director level. The annual fee may not need additional approval. The LTU option is often easier for directors to obtain the nuclear medicine software they need to run their nuclear medicine department.

ec² Software Solutions is designed to enhance your nuclear medicine departmental needs. By providing you with several budgetary options, you can be sure to have the nuclear medicine software you need to run your department effectively. Contact ec² Software Solutions at or 800-851-0025, option 2.