“Receive, Store, Organize, and distribute NM and PET/CT Data”

NumaStore allows user to migrate from obsolete, unreliable and slow backup band aids  to a modern, scalable and supported image management solution.

NumaStore provides a cost effective, robust, reliable, and user-friendly image management system designed specifically for nuclear medicine and PET/CT studies. NumaStore offers secure long-term storage and efficient retrieval in a way that facilitates and encourages comparative analysis during a patient visit. These abilities encourage a change in the way nuclear medicine is used, from simply a diagnostic snapshot to a long-term care patient management tool.


  • NumaStore is expandable, reliable, and secure, while maintaining the integrity of the original raw and processed data.
  • Automated archive and distribution of images using “Auto-Pull” and “Auto-Forward”
  • Enables user to sort and query images and create custom attributes for research and teaching.
  • Communicates via DICOM, C-Store and Query Retrieve functions, as well as manufacturers’ native formats.
  • Supports installation on user supplied host computer systems, VMware and Hyper-V
  • Complete turn-key hardware and software solutions available.