NumaStatus List

“Provides DICOM Modality Worklist functionality with Network Isolation”

NumaStatus List provides DICOM Modality Worklist (DMWL) functionality and security for ADAC/Philips CardioMD®, Siemens e.soft® A/P,® and ADAC/ Philips cameras with the Atlas® and Pegasys® workstations.  User’s simply select the scheduled patients from a list. The patient study information is automatically added to the acquisition station.  When the acquisition is completed, NumaStatus List provides the accession number and the HIS/RIS information that the PACS requires.


  • Provides full DICOM Modality Worklist functionality for Philips CardioMD®, Siemens e.soft® A/P,® and ADAC/ Philips Pegasys® systems.
  • Isolates acquisition stations and workstations running Windows 7 and other legacy operating systems from the hospital network.
  • Supports Windows 10 updates, anti-virus updates and other security measures mandated by IT professionals.
  • Works with NumaLink to translate non-DICOM or correct DICOM incompatibilities


  • Reduces typing errors and increases efficiency by automatically adding patient name, protocol, accession number and other information to the patient image files as required by PACS and EMR integration.
  • NM cameras and systems running Windows 7 do not require costly upgrades or replacement.
  • OS updates and anti-virus applications do not interfere with the operation of NumaStatus List.