“DICOM Radiation Dose Reports with Patient Visit Status”

Healthcare providers and imaging centers are taking steps to optimize the radiation dose and educate patients about the risks and benefits of nuclear medicine and PET procedures. Accurate Standardized Uptake Values (SUV) and advanced molecular imaging studies involving quantitative imaging procedures mandate accurate patient dose reporting. Imaging departments are faced with an increasing patient workload with reduced resources. It is imperative that technologists, managers and physicians work efficiently, as a team and communicate to provide effective patient care.

Thus, Numa initiated a new product called NumaStatus that supports the DICOM specifications required to record and share this essential information. NumaStatus is designed to minimize the user’s requirements to create the radiopharmaceutical dose report and provide value by instantly updating the status of the patient’s visit to all team members.

NumaStatus is a web based application that is optimized to accurately and easily report the patient’s radiation dose for nuclear medicine and PET procedures in a DICOM format. User’s interact with the application through a web browser on desktop or mobile devices on the network. For Example: Using a tablet technologists can verify the dose and record the exact time of the administration at any location in the facility. Other team members instantly know that the patient has been administered.

NumaStatus is designed to minimize the burden on the user to create accurate dose reports. The intuitive interface is built for speed. NumaStatus anticipates the next action in the workflow and automates as many steps as possible to reduce the number of mouse clicks or taps.


  • Create accurate Radiation Dose Reports for Nuclear Medicine and PET
  • Share Radiation Dose Reports with the Modality, PACS, Dose Management Systems and the EMR
  • Easily work with NumaStatus from anywhere in the facility
  • View the current status of the patient’s visit
  • Improves safety by requiring verification of the dose and patient information
  • Improves accuracy of reporting with digital interfaces and real-time updates
  • Record the effective dose and organ dose estimates
  • Create valuable reports with the statistics available in the NumaStatus database


  • DICOM Worklist Interface
  • Digital Interface with Dose Calibrators
  • Automatically / manually update the patient’s visit status
  • Support users on desktops, tablets and mobile phones
  • Information is shared in real-time to all users
  • Export radiation dose reports using DICOM secondary capture / structured reports
  • Store patient visit and dose information in a Microsoft SQL database
  • Complies with industry standards for security and HIPAA technical safeguards