“The DICOM Worklist Manager”

NumaList is a DICOM modality worklist manager. It allows a user to communicate with a Hospital/Radiology Information System to retrieve important patient worklist information. Upon receiving the DICOM worklist patient information, NumaList adds that information into the DICOM header of the patient file. This patient file can then be forwarded on to a DICOM C-Store provider such as an imaging workstation or PACS system.


  • Integrate non-DICOM worklist systems in a HIS/RIS and PACS environment.
  • Supports workstations; HIS/RIS and PACS systems from multiple vendors.
  • Increases the efficiency of the imaging department’s workflow.
  • Reduces manual typing of data entries; accurate patient information is distributed throughout the imaging department and PACS.
  • Supports Nuclear Medicine and PET systems.


    • Configurable options to match the HIS/RIS and PACS environment.
    • Automatic matching of DICOM image files with DICOM worklist information.
    • Remote diagnostic support.
    • Ability to correct patient information before exporting.
    • Generates reports of the operations performed.
    • Optional bar-code reader.
  • Intuitive user interface to quickly sort and search the worklist provider.