NumaBridge – Legacy System Isolator

“Remove Security Risks Without Sacrificing Functionality”


NumaBridge allows IT professionals to isolate systems running Windows XP® or other unsupported operating systems from
the hospital network and remove their vulnerability to security threats. NumaBridge extends the lifecycle and value of critical
legacy systems and permits their continued use without the costly expense of purchasing new imaging systems.

NumaBridge supports both DICOM C-Store and DICOM Modality WorkList (DMWL) communications between an isolated network and
the hospital network. NumaBridge utilizes two Network Interface Cards (NICs) to isolate the networks. The unsecured systems are
configured to the isolated NIC and the hospital network is configured on the other. NumaBridge passes DICOM communications and
data between the two networks. No additional hardware or software is required for the legacy systems and they will continue to
function normally.

The NumaBridge host system is secured with anti-virus protection and OS updates. These measures prevent security threats from interfering
with the unsupported and unsecure legacy imaging systems.


  • Supports two (2) networks with two (2) separate Network Interface Cards (NIC) and cabling.
  • Runs as a service or desktop application
  • Numa’s knowledge and expertise with DICOM and DICOM Modality Worklist.
  • Works with all DICOM systems as well as NumaList, NumaList Plus and NumaLink
  • Advanced logging and error reporting


  • Physically isolates legacy systems from the hospital network
  • Runs unattended without user intervention
  • Compatible with modern HIS/RIS and PACS.
  • Provides DICOM and DMWL compatibility and support
  • Easy to install and maintain

NumaBridge Functionality

NumaBridge works automatically in the background and does not require user intervention. The user preforms a DICOM Worklist Query for a list of scheduled patients from the modality tor acquisition station. NumaBridge passes the query from the modality on the isolated network to the HIS/RIS DICOM Modality Worklist (DMWL) provider on hospital network. The results of the Worklist query are returned to the modality on the isolated network. The user selects the current patient and acquires the studies normally. When the studies are complete they may be manually or automatically exported to NumaBridge. NumaBridge automatically forwards the DICOM studies to the destination system on the hospital network.