Core Lab by Numa

“Nuclear Medicine Core Lab System”

With our knowledge of image formats and DICOM Numa has the expertise and ability to provide the world’s foremost solution for any Core Lab that wishes to support Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Cardiology, SPECT and PET/CT.

NumaLink extends the useful life and increases effectiveness of your nuclear medicine equipment. Older systems can transfer data and use the speed and processing power of newer workstations. NumaLink enables non-DICOM and non-compatible systems to communicate with systems that require consistent DICOM communications and compatibility.

Numa’s Core Lab system can be configured with all supported image format translation and connectivity tools. This is an excellent choice for Core Labs or research facilities that wish to receive images from several sites that have different imaging equipment. The NM Core Lab system will read any supported vendors nuclear medicine or DICOM format and provide a consistent reliable DICOM file that can easily be shared and processed or other workstations.

Numa’s Core Lab system includes NumaLink Image Translation software with NumaRead Media Reader and Data Migration Software.


  • Compatible with legacy and modern NM/PET imaging system.
  • Receive images directly from the imaging system or by the Internet.
  • Use with NumaRead and receive studies on MOD, 4 mm tape and CD/DVD.
  • Consistent, reliable and compatible DICOM export.


  • NumaLink™ Image Translation Software
  • All supported NM Read Modules:
    • Marconi Odyssey Interfile
    • GE Starcam
    • GE Genie P&R DICOM
    • GE Xeleris DICOM
    • Sopha XT
    • Toshiba 5500 HG/ES/DI/UI/PI
    • Trionix
    • Siemens ICON
    • Siemens e.soft DICOM
    • Elscint USTU format
    • Philips ADAC native
    • Philips JETStream DICOM
    • And More!!
  • Configurable DICOM export to match your requirements
  • UNIX to DOS, DOS to UNIX conversion utility
  • Macintosh to DOS/DOS to Mac conversion utility
  • FTP Server

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Software / System Configuration

The NumaLink software is sold in custom site-specific configurations. The software is designed to interface with the site’s unique nuclear medicine equipment and imaging protocols. This custom configuration feature maximizes workflow and efficiency when transferring patient studies between workstations. NumaLink is ideal for hospitals, core labs, private clinics, and research facilities.