NumaList™ Plus ISO

Windows XP® Isolation with DICOM support

NumaList Plus ISO provides security for DICOM imaging system running Windows XP. Since the announcement that Windows XP systems will no longer be supplied with security updates, IT professionals have been scrambling to protect these vital and valuable imaging systems without blowing the capital equipment budget. Using two network interface cards, NumaList Plus ISO offers security by separating the XP systems on their own network, yet provides a DICOM bridge to the HIS/RIS, PACS and other workstations on the hospital network. IT professionals can confidently roll out OS and anti-virus updates to the NumaList Plus ISO Windows 7 or 10 host OS without interfering with the operation of NumaList Plus ISO or the XP imaging systems.


  • Isolates acquisition stations and workstation running Windows XP from the hospital network.
  • Supports Windows 7/10 updates, anti-virus updates and other security measures mandated by IT professionals.
  • Works with NumaLink to translate non-DICOM or correct DICOM incompatibilities.
  • Provides full DICOM Modality Worklist functionality for Philips CardioMD®, Siemens e.soft® A/P and ADAC/ Philips Pegasys® systems.


  • NM cameras and systems running Windows XP do not require costly upgrades or replacement
  • OS updates and anti-virus applications do not interfere with the operation of NumaList Plus ISO.
  • Process studies from one vendors camera on another vendors workstation or PACS.
  • Reduces typing errors and increases efficiency by automatically adding DICOM Worklist information, patient demographics (NumaList ISO Plus only) and accession # to the patient image files required by PACS and EMR integration without user manual entry.