Jun 07

ec2 Software Solutions LLC. to Acquire Numa, Inc.


June 6, 2017

ec2 Software Solutions LLC. and Numa, Inc. today announced that they have completed a purchase agreement under which ec2 Software Solutions LLC. will acquire Numa, Inc., a software company focused on developing and commercializing communication and compatibility solutions for molecular imaging. The owners of both companies have unanimously approved the merger, which is expected to immediately provide opportunities to expand the markets of both companies.

“Through this acquisition, ec2 Software Solutions will be able to leverage the technology of Numa” said Brett Whittacre, Chief Executive Officer, ec2. “This will allow us to offer innovative products to molecular imaging. An immediate goal is to implement the IHE Radiation Exposure Monitoring for Nuclear Medicine (REM NM) profile for our NMIS hot lab management product. REM NM is a revolutionary way for NMIS to communicate activity administered to patients directly to radiology information systems (RIS), electronic medical record systems (EMR), picture archiving and communication system (PACS) and dose monitoring systems. The REM NM profile connects NMIS with molecular image cameras. Administration information flows into the camera systems without the technologist manually re-entering the data. This improves both workflow and quantitation accuracy of the imaging systems. We are excited to continue our support of nuclear imaging departments by providing the only complete end to end solution.”

Numa, Inc.’s portfolio includes NumaStatus, a software application that communicates patient radiation dose information in a DICOM format to imaging systems and the EMR. Numa and NumaStatus recently participated in the IHE–EU Connectathon with other industry vendors, where NumaStatus passed the REM-NM profile as a Radiation Administration System (RAS).

In addition, Numa Inc.’s other products and intellectual property will integrate nicely with ec2 Software Solutions, LLC’s products and will be offered to ec2’s large installed customer base.

“We believe the combination with ec2 Software Solutions is an excellent opportunity to extend our solutions and technologies in the medical imaging marketplace,” said Lawrence Smith, founder and president of Numa, Inc. “This merger delivers significant benefits to our customers and provides new opportunities for our employees through partnering with a larger company. We believe that ec2 Software Solutions, LLC is the ideal partner to extend the reach of our imaging connectivity products and our expertise with the imaging systems will expand the opportunity for ec2 Software Solutions, LLC.

“The acquisition of Numa, Inc. will build upon ec2’s Software Solutions, LLC.’s success with our NMIS acquisition and will transform ec2 Software Solutions, LLC. into a leading medical imaging company,” said Brett Whittacre, Chief Executive Officer, ec2 Software Solutions, LLC. “Numa’s reputation in the industry and proven products will open new opportunities to enhance our products. In addition, Numa’s portfolio will complement ec2’s broad portfolio. Together, we believe ec2 and Numa can bring the full force of our combined research and resources to provide a comprehensive management system for molecular imaging.”